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I received one of the numerous defective Pavilion zd8000 and want to check
if I could still use it.
The sympton is as usually a large white vertical line on the screen, due to
a defective (on-board) graphics card, or to a defective monitor.
In the first case, the motherboard should have to be replaced and the PC is
not worth the cost. But in the second case, I could use the PC with an
external monitor. Unfortunately, there is no more hard disk in the laptop
and I don't want to buy one before I know I can still use the PC.
I tried to check the origin of the problem by displaying the bios window,
but without Windows installed, there seems to be no way to start the PC into
the bios, as the HP proprietary bios locks the PC with a "media error"
message on the laptop display, and with a "VGA not supported" message on te
external monitor.
Is there any way to check if it's the monitor, or the VGA card that is
defective ???
I found hundreds of similar questions on Google, but did not find any

Thanks for help.

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