laptop power connection socket broken

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we have a Packard bell 'igo' laptop.
The round socket where the power cable connects looks like it is about to
break. The pin inside is flopping about as if it is broken. It still works
... for now  .. but how do I fix it?

Re: laptop power connection socket broken

On Sun, 30 Oct 2005 18:20:18 -0000, "code_wrong"

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It would be best to not use it at all, unplug the power
adapter.  If it further breaks, there is the potential of
shorting out the supply or possibly something else inside.

Either the physical socket itself, or the traces on the
circuit board are damaged.  A determination will have to be
made, which it is, and the appropriate measures taken.  It
might be possible (since it still works), to merely secure
the socket to the circuit board with some epoxy.  It might
instead require the old socket be desoldered and a new one
put in it's place.  It might be necessary to repair traces
leading to that socket or add jumper wires to provide an
alternate path for power if the traces are too damaged.

The circuit board the jack is on might be a separate power
board.  If so, the whole board would be (usually) far
cheaper to replace than an entire mainboard with socket on
it... just something to consider if you were to disasssemble
it and find that you can't repair it.  If you are adept at
makeshift repairs, soldering and similar miniature
elctronics work then you might open it and see what the
problem and possible solutions are.  If you're not
expereienced in this work and the laptop still has a couplew
hundred $ in value you might take it to a repair shop.

By repair shop, you could try a computer shop that does
laptops, and expect that they will insist that whichever
entire circuit board the socket is on, needs replaced.  Of
course there is a possiblity you'd run into someone who does
board-level repairs but generally speaking, you might be
more likely to find someone who could, would be prone to do
a component repair like that at a general purpose
electronics repair shop rather than a PC/laptop shop.

Re: laptop power connection socket broken

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thanks for the excellent response ..
I will open it up with epoxy resin and soldering iron in hand

Re: laptop power connection socket broken

First off I hate power connectors of this type used on laptops
They should take reflect how nature makes its connection
Male connector into female
Has worked for a long time

Your laptop of course uses the female plugged in to the male
Must have sometime to do with the Moden world

In any case
There may be a permanent or semi-perminent fix
With some shortfalls

I would get myself a female to female connector
Plug that into the Laptop
It should fit tight enough
Leave it there !!!!!!
It may project just a very short distance from the laptop case
If the fit is not real tight
Then a litlle wrapping on the connector should settle that

This will protect the break that is likely to occur from the plugging and
with the semi broken male
You will mnow need a male to connector
This will be placed on the lead from the power supply

Now you can make a connection

When inserting the power cord to the laptop
Hold your finger so the double female does not come out
This may not be needed depending on the fit
A drop of hot glue on the double female will solve this
And it will not hur anything

As far as the traces on the board
Assuming and with much doubt that the power connector is connected directly
to the board
Then again there are many configurations because of the size restrictions
and building requirements

The main power traces are probably the widest on the board

If the connector is not directly connected or if there are other variables
they must be identifified visiually
That means looking inside

You do not seem to want to open the unit
and unless you are very good i would leave it that way or go to a

Try my first insight as it is the cheapest and easiest

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Re: laptop power connection socket broken

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Thanks Metronid .. I agree that the design is complete garbage and someone
should be shot for designing such crap .. the connector has always been
vulnerable sticking out the side as it does .. the damage has been done
however by myself tripping over the cable and nearly yanking the laptop off
the table onto the floor ... many times ...

I am can't take the laptop apart until Friday night because if I cannot fix
it or worse render it inoperable then I would not be able to use it for the
vital word processing that i am currently engaged in.

The connection is barely holding up -  it keeps going over to battery power
on the slightest twitch .. I am not sure if the connector idea would solve
this, as it will have the wire hanging off it pullling it this way and that
way when I move the laptop ... I am hoping that I will be able to glue it or
solder it securely whenI get the time to look inside..


Re: laptop power connection socket broken

The argument that the manufacturer of the unit or the  power supply
manufacturer  can make is that having a male connector
on the end could lead to a short since the ends are live.
This although a good argument  may not hold true since the power supply
should be plugged
in before powering on.

They can also argue that this could prevent a shock with is doubtful with DC
at this volatage and
a fire hazard etec.

The fact is that they do make DC power supplies with a male end terminal

Manufacturers take their cue from the standards from the standpoint of
Which I admit is a
good practice
It would be crazy to have a 110V AC outlet as a male connector at a wall
You and I can both see the hazard.

This would not be a concern in any case if the manufacturer of the Laptop
used a high quality
female connector in the unit
Penny piching and competition has its trade offs.
If you examine the male connector pin on the Laptop it will quickly noticed
that it is not that thick and probably not attached very very firmly

Of course there is a difference between a fixed 110V outlet and a 19V Dc or
flexible outlet cord.

Take a lesson from nature
If the male DC connector had a sheath around the end that
pushed back on insertion than the saftey aspect would be improved


How would I design my connector
First off it would be a female connector at the end of the power supply
It would be a double female connecor
The type that goes into the main power suppy unit
It would be oriented so it could plug in only one way
Two points on attachment would be better

It would take a little more space on the outside
Not much more
You could pull or kick it out without any problem
That is called rugged


You of course need to be careful with the laptop and not kick the cord
Good luck with the repair.

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Re: laptop power connection socket broken

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just to complete the story .. I opened up the laptop today .. the connector
needed soldering to restore the circuit and glued to fix it in place ..
however I cannot do that until I remove the motherboard . a complete
dissasembly job... I just don't have the time.. so I had to buy another
laptop ... ouch .. the pain ..

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