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My laptop, a Medion MD5400, has no power anymore.
When I turn on the power (by battery or by AC)  I only hear a little "plop"
and that is all.
I checked the harddrive, but the drive is OK.
I can't find a fuse (is there a fuse in the laptop?).
What could be happened?

Re: laptop no power

On Sat, 18 Nov 2006 15:05:12 +0100, "FS"

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Take out the battery if it's installed- just in case it's
shorted out somehow and keeping power from staying on.

Without the battery, I'd suspect your power board (Or
mainboard, if the power conversion function is integrated
onto a single mainboard) has failed.  If the board is
separate, it "might" be cost effective to replace it
yourself, but if that laptop is a few years old already
which it seems to be, a mainboard replacement is seldom
cost-effective unless you happened upon one on
ebay/other-auctions.  We don't know what it's worth to you
though, nor it's general condition and wear on it as that
effects value.

You might open it up and inspect it, maybe see some burnt
component(s) or failed capacitors, though without knowing
your ability to disassemble or do repairs, it's a bit hard
to speculate about the solution.  If you located a failed
component, it might be cost-effective to have a repair shop
replace just that part and keep same mainboard - which is
not outside the realm of possibility on a power board since
these are more common parts than some.

So essentially you can give up, start taking it apart, or
pay someone to take it apart and go from there.

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