laptop needs a good frying

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I need to fry my laptop to Warrenty the item(i know...shame on me, but save
the flaming for someone else) i'm interested on how to go abouts doing this,
maybe some how I can apply a voltage overload, or is there another way that
I can pull this off without having to open up the laptop and drill a hole in
the cpu, if you must know i've had major problems witht his laptop being
kinda flakey and the company is not allowing to swap for another brand,
instead they just keep attempting to fix the problems, but they always
return down the road. This is why I need a good breakdown that will get
another brand instead of this one, I still have lots of Extended Warr. it's
just this particular brand is junk.

Thanks for any sugg.

Re: laptop needs a good frying

On Wed, 24 Aug 2005 23:39:57 GMT, "ruez46"

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Sorry, but drilling a hole in the CPU is the only way...
otherwise laptops are completely indestructible.

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Since it seems they're just going to keep repairing it,
there's nothing you could do that won't void the terms of
the warranty... whatever you fry they'll just replace.

Instead you might consider isolating the cause... if it is
defective by design then you might have recourse with

As for "getting another brand", that's not at all likely no
matter what.  If you got lucky and got a refund then you
have no need to be given the option of another brand.

If all else fails start researching "lemon laws".  You do
realize that deliberately damaging it could be considered
fraud and if they suspect it, they might completely void
your warranty, even prosecute?

Re: laptop needs a good frying

thanks for the tip bro

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Re: laptop needs a good frying

One good way to fry it is to install s BIOS that was not made for it.  But
really all that will do is fry the CPU which they will probably replace.

George Hester
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