Laptop Modem and Lan dead?

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My laptop has built-in modem and lan connections.  A couple of months ago  
the lan connection died and I replaced it with a usb adapter.  Not having  
used the dial-up for ages, I've now found that too is dead.  I'm suspecting  
that they died together.

Thinking the bios might have got scrambled, so I checked.  There appears to  
be no entry for either connection.  The parallel port is there, as is the  
infra-red, but nothing for the modem and lan.

Should there be entries for these connections, please?

Working on the assumption that both have been affected by a single fault,  
does it sound psu-ish, or a dead chip somewhere, please?  Just wondering if  
I'm wasting my time opening up the laptop.



Re: Laptop Modem and Lan dead?

allan wrote:
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Not necessarily.  I would have expected there would be some sort of  
"Wake on LAN" setting that suggets a network connection, but it's not a  
given.  At any rate, it seems improbable that a "scrambled BIOS" would  
lead to just modem and LAN related entries disappearing.

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I would investigate software causes first.  Are either of the devices  
listed, or are there any unknown devices, in your system settings?

Can you get a Linux boot cd to recognize either device?

Re: Laptop Modem and Lan dead?

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Hi 'Grinder'

No, there's no wake-on-LAN setting.  However, there have been a development,  
albeit not the wanted one.

On the question of system settings, on XP both devices appear as normal,  
with no indication of error.  The modem diagnostics appear OK, so it would  
seem like the output/line side in trouble.  There are no unknown devices.

Your point about Linux gave me another avenue, during which it transpired  
that the dead LAN connection had sprung back to life.  The trouble I had  
with it lasted several days and eventually I replaced it with a usb LAN  
adapter, which has been fine, so I had no cause to recheck recently.  The  
mainboard link is now working OK, but the modem is still U/S.  The bios  
still shows no entry for the reborn LAN, so I can discount that idea.  
Perhaps the modem will 'wake on something or other' too, but I suspect that  
lightning may have zonked it.  I think it may be a mini-pci card, so I might  
see how easily I can get to it to reseat it, just in case.

Thanks for your help.


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