laptop microphone does not work

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I have a gateway MX3563 laptop with windows XP home. I tried to use a
mcirophone for Yahoo messenger kind software. The microphone works
perfectly on my other laptops. However, it does not work on this one;
i.e. no sound or no voice can be heard by the person on the other
side. The microphone must not be broken because it works with other

I checked the device manager and did not find any problem. In fact, I
just used system restore CDs to completely reinstalled the laptop to
original manufacturer's condition. But I still cannot use any
microphones (I have two microphones both work on all other desktops
and laptops with Windows XP Home or Vista) with this Gateway laptop.
For the same reason, I cannot use any microphone to record anything on
this laptop. It is already out of warranty.

Can anyone help? thanks!

P.S. This problem happened quite long time ago. (it happened way
before I damaged my keyboard (as in my other post.))

Re: laptop microphone does not work wrote:
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Plug a Walkman or a tape recorder into the microphone
jack. Does the microphone jack produce a signal when that
is present ? Anything with a line level output could be
used to test the jack.

Have you checked the mixer settings ?

Have you tried simple recording applications, to see if they
can see a signal ?


Re: laptop microphone does not work

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I checked all setting, nothing is muted. everything put at max volume.
I tried to record anything to this laptop using two different
microphones but nothing is recorded.

probably the microphone jack is broken at this laptop. I still don't
understand your method to test the jack. thanks

Re: laptop microphone does not work wrote:

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A Walkman, a transistor radio, a tape recorder, have a headphone output
jack. The signal on there, is a bit stronger than a microphone signal.
You can connect a Walkman to your computer, with a cable with male
connector on each end. The strong signal will serve as a means of
determining whether the jack works or not.

The reason a microphone may fail to work, is the MIC_PWR on the ring
contact, may not be the correct voltage. The sound chip may be used
to create a bias source, for electret microphones. Sometimes that isn't
strong enough, to make an electret microphone work. By using an audio
device, with a line level output, as a testing source, that is one way
to work around a possible microphone powering issue.

There are a number of different kinds of microphones.

1) Dynamic mic - that works like an ordinary speaker, but in reverse.
    There is a magnet and a coil of wire. The moving wire generates a
    tiny signal. Computer microphone inputs don't generally have
    enough gain to work with them. No microphone bias or power is

2) Piezoelectric or ceramic microphone - is a material that generates
    an electric signal, in response to sound pressure. Some of those
    generate enough signal for the computer. No microphone bias or power
    is needed.

3) An electret microphone, has a simple amplifier in it. It needs a
    small amount of current to work. Some computers have a 5V bias source
    and a 2000 ohm series resistor, as a power source. Other computers use
    a lower voltage. Electret microphones vary, as to how much voltage
    they need from their power source.

Some mixer control panels, have a hidden "boost" check box, which increases
the gain of the microphone circuit. Sometimes that needs to be clicked,
to make the microphone work properly.

This is the kind of cable you'd use, to connect a Walkman or transistor
radio, to the computer microphone jack. I got a cable like this, with
my TV tuner card.


Re: laptop microphone does not work

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You have to go into "Recording Properties" and select the microphone as the
source.  From the sound volume application, Options > Properties, then
select "Recording" and hit "OKAY" at the bottom.  You will get a new window
for recording sources; check to ensure that "Microphone" is the selected


Re: laptop microphone does not work

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Start at the basics, your laptop will have an intergrated/on-board
GoTo>Start>Settings>Control Panel>Sounds and Audio Devices
Click the "Audio" tab
Listed should be 3 settings for Sound Playback+Sound Recording+
Music Playback. All should be set to "Default device", being the
intergrated audio chip for that laptop, if not then use the drop-down
menu to select the default device, and then click the "Apply" button.
For the listing for "Sound recording" click the Volume button and a
dialog will appear, you will find listed whatever devices your laptop
is equipped with, it will have your CD, but may also include "Line-in"
and S/PDIF (if your laptop is equipped with such).
Under the Microphone heading place a tick in the "Select" box and
adjust the volume and balance as required.
Remember those settings as you can only select one - you will have
selected microphone, if ever you want to change to another device
the above settings you back track and reset.
Your microphone is now set as the recording device.
Close the Recording control dialog, and click the "Voice" tab
You will find two settings listed -  Voice playback and Voice recording
both should now list the Default Device as the laptops intergrated
audio chipset, now for Voice Recording setting, click the "Volume"
button and comfirm that the microphone is selected and volume is
Click any Apply and OK buttons, close all windows and your microphone
should now function in your IM application.

Re: laptop microphone does not work wrote:

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Start | Run <type in>

Menu options, properties and make sure your mic is selected
also once it shows up that it's not muted.

Mine also has a switch on the cord that will mute the microphone.

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Re: laptop microphone does not work

In typed on Fri, 4 Apr 2008 18:05:02 -0700 (PDT):
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Hi Mike... Unrelated to your problem, but if you use Yahoo Messenger
with voice, you might be interested in the following...

VTech usb7200

Linksys CIT310 With Yahoo Messenger

I have the VTech one (Linksys one wasn't available when I bought mine).
And these allows you to be wireless away from your computer. They can
see your Yahoo contacts (VTech can be set to beep when someone signs on
and it will show you who), etc. If you want to ask me any questions, I'm


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