Laptop Lcd image stretched

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I recently damaged the screen for my Acer Aspire 7730, and ordered a
replacement screen after testing for a desktop picture on an external

After fitting my screen however, I discovered that the screen picture
appears to be stretched so I only see one side of the desktop. There is
also a strip at the bottom of the screen repeats the very top of my

Also, the resolution is stuck at 1280x800 when it should be at least
1440x900; moving the sliders from the Display settings in the CP shows a
max of 1280x800.

(Update-connecting a hd tv and then reinstalling drivers seems to fix
the problem.

However if its left turned off long enough, it reverts back to
stretched, which includes my acer boot logo.)

Help please?

Re: Laptop Lcd image stretched

On Tue, 11 Jan 2011 09:39:08 -0600, Chryne

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It seems they sent you a different model, can it be possible? or do
you think it's a software only problem?

Reinstalling anything could solve, maybe...

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Re: Laptop Lcd image stretched

Manuel;1269993 Wrote:

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> > because I cannot understand how the software can change back to
> > stretched while turned off.

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> > and it has the same problem.

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Re: Laptop Lcd image stretched

I think I've solved my little problem, I was advised that it could be a
BIOS issue and so I d/led the update from the Acer site. Following that,
I opened the .exe which backed up my old BIOS and flashed the new one.
It then rebooted and lo and behold - normal screen with normal

I'm gonna leave it off for a while though to see if it reverts itself
back like before; hopefully it won't.

Re: Laptop Lcd image stretched

Nope, its gone back to stretched again. Any ideas?

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