Laptop keyboard - uneven wear

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Hi all,

I'm have this HP HDX notebook for about a month, and already the keys are
starting to wear out. The "f" key takes about twice as much pressure as the
rest of the keyboard. I had this same problem with my previous dell laptop -
it got to a point where about 6 different keys (especially f and s) would
take more pressure to operate than the rest of the keyboard.

This is very annoying because it means when typing a sentance, I have to
either slow down and remember to hit the 'F' harder, or go back and correct
all the missing letters.

My desktop has a wirless microsoft keyboard that I bought over 5 years ago,
and every key works as well as the day I bought it!

Is this a common problem in laptop keyboards ? I'm guessing it has something
to do with the properties of the silicone pads ?


Re: Laptop keyboard - uneven wear

Skeleton Man wrote:
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I've never seen that...I'd get it repaired while it's still under warranty

Re: Laptop keyboard - uneven wear

On Sat, 9 May 2009 13:54:12 -0400, "Skeleton Man"

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So either there is gunk in it or you wore it out, so either
take it out and agitate in warm mild detergent solution,
then rinse, then dry thoroughly, or buy another keyboard.
IIRC, they're about $30 to 40.

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Then plug it into the laptop and use it to type?

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Laptop keyboards are optimized for least height and weight,
not longest life.  If everything on a laptop were as good as
on a desktop, why would anyone buy a desktop?

Almost everything on a laptop wears out faster.  Replace the
worn out part or replace whole laptop.  Try the agitation in
detergent solution option first... just make sure it's
completely dry before reassembly.  Unfortunately unlike
typical desktop keyboard assemblies, laptop keyboards aren't
often manufacturered so you can completely strip them down
to individual parts and identify, clean or replace any
portion instead of replacing the whole modular unit.

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