Laptop is reporting incorrect charge % for new battery

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About two months ago I bought a new battery for my HP Pavilion N5150
laptop. Everything has been working great until this past week. All of
a sudden my laptop battery indicator, Windows XP and the BatteryMon
software are all reporting 0% charge. However, my laptop battery seems
to be holding a full charge. I left the laptop on, unplugged and with
no power saving features turned on, and it lasted for about 4 to 4.5
hours. I have a three month warranty on this battery, but I wanted to
figure out if this is a battery issue or maybe an issue with my
"ancient" laptop. If it is a laptop issue, then I'm wondering what can
be done to correct it. If it is a battery then I need to hurry up and
send it back. I thought I had read that the monitoring information
comes from chips on the battery, but I wasn't sure. Please help!


Re: Laptop is reporting incorrect charge % for new battery

jive wrote:
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Aftermarket batteries are sometimes a problem in laptops. If the battery
is working, I would not worry about it.  If it does not recharge, or is
not charging during use (watch the LED), then it is time to be
concerned. Frankly, there is not much one can do to make the OS work
with the battery in the power functions.  I've wondered what would
happen if you removed the battery devices from Device Manager.  This
works to restore other bozo devices - sometimes - on reboot.

The battery and the OS do communicate for power management. Try removing
and firmly reseating the battery.  Aftermarket batteries sometimes do
not honor the physical dimensions of the battery slot very closely and
some force is required to seat them firmly.


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