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Two questions about laptop hard drives.

My laptop hard drive is a Hitachi DK23CA-11; from a similar, broken laptop,
I rescued a larger 20GB drive DK23CA-20.

1.    The 20GB drive works perfectly but runs down much quicker when
switched off than the 11GB drive - it also runs much hotter.    (HDD Health
shows the temperature of the 20GB drive to be 60 degC or more - there's no
temperature information from the 11GB drive, but it clearly runs much cooler
than the larger drive.)        I assume that higher friction causes the
drive both to run down quicker and to run hotter (could it be due to its
larger capacity?).     Is this high temperature anything to worry about?

2.   The 11GB drive is starting to develop bad sectors (it's 5 years old).
For a replacement, do I have to stick to this model of hard drive (Hitachi
DK23CA) or will other makes/models fit and work?      If so, how do I decide
which drive to seek as a replacement?

Very grateful for any advice.

Re: Laptop hard drives

On Fri, 01 Jul 2005 18:43:42 +0100, Leatrice wrote:

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If your laptop is 5 years old it's time to replace it. I wouldn't throw
any money into a box that old, it's better to spend a little more and get
a new machine. If you insist on putting a new drive into your current box
then get a Seagate.

Re: Laptop hard drives

Many thanks.    I appreciate your sentiments; nevertheless, it's served me
well so I hope the salvaged 20GB drive will keep me going for a while longer
(and I can keep my eyes open for a cheap Seagate as a reserve).

Could I fit any old Seagate?

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Re: Laptop hard drives

On Fri, 01 Jul 2005 19:23:49 +0100, Martin wrote:

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Any old 2.5" Seagate, obviously you can't put a 3.5" desktop drive into a
laptop. Laptops all use the same size drive, 2.5". The drives are called
notebook/laptop drives on the distributor sites.

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