laptop gets off suddenly

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i hv compaq presario v4000 series ,i purchased it 2 years back,
suddenly problm arised laptop get off without giving any warning ,i re
installed OS format system bt it is not a software problm dat is for
sure ....and its frequent time of getting switch off is abt 30min ,or
else whni open bunch off application at once or any heavy application
alone lik aneone helpme out it????

 my system config is

pentium M   2.0Ghz ,
openGL128 graphic card,
wireless LAN,
100GB HDD.

Re: laptop gets off suddenly

chikoo wrote:
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My first guess would be that the system is overheating.  Laptops are
prone to becoming clogged with dust, especially if you have pets or a
hairy girlfriend.

If you're up to it, open the unit up, and blast out any dust bunnies
with a can of compressed air.  If that's too scary to attempt, you can
try forcing air through the intake or output of the laptop's
ventilation, or take it to a qualified technician.

Heat may not be your problem, though, so I would eliminate some other
candidates.  If you have a memory expansion in the system, take it out
for the sake of testing.  Also, remove the battery and just run off of
AC power.  There's not much else you can do without opening the case.

Re: laptop gets off suddenly

chikoo wrote:
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Is there a temperature display in the BIOS screens ?
Enter the BIOS when the computer is first turned on, and
go to the BIOS page where the hardware monitor is featured.
Watch the CPU temperature readout. Does the CPU temperature
rise steadily without stopping. Is the fan running all the
time, trying to keep the machine cool ? That could be a sign it
is overheating.

"HP Notebook PCs -  Fan Runs Constantly and the PC Operates Slower than Expected"

If you look on PDF page 125 here, there is a "thermal cover".
If you remove the thermal cover, you can clean dust or hair
from the area beneath the cover, to help ensure that air can
move freely. You do not have to remove the heatsink to do this.
Removing the cover, and visually inspecting the area underneath,
should give you a good idea how much cleaning is needed.

"Maintenance and Service Guide
HP Pavilion dv4000 Notebook PC, Compaq Presario V4000 Notebook PC"


Re: laptop gets off suddenly

thx to grinder and paul both ,i thnk it will work .i opened whole
laptop  n specifically underneath CPU fan area cleaned it out
properly ......lets see hopfully it will work.....

agian thx alot ,u ppl keep me away from technitian n i learn alot frm
it ,nxt time i wll share dis 2 needed one .....

Re: laptop gets off suddenly

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funnily enough my HP laptop has been doing the same thing .. shutting down
without warning when using resource intensive programs .. like media player
for example.

I use speedfan to watch the temperature of the CPU ..

I haven't got around to cleaning the heatsink/fan yet, as the problem has
abated somewhat since I blasted compressed air through the fan vent and
displaced some dust.

Re: laptop gets off suddenly

chikoo wrote:
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Sounds like your laptop PSU (power supply) is going out. I would
recommend making sure you keep an up-to-date back up of the stuff you
want to keep. My second guess (without looking at it) is if the
shutdowns are very random it could be a memory sim/module gone bad.

Good luck,

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