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Our student daughter will be roughing it in Paris for the spring term.
She will face a problem with the different power system.

Would she do better to buy a laptop power adaptor for each power
system, a single French-US converter for everything (she will still
have her iPod and whatnot to run), or a separate converter for
each gizmo that plugs in?  (I hope that's clear.)

Any brands you would recommend?

Any other computer or power related gotchas she might encounter?


Re: Laptop For France

On Fri, 09 Dec 2005 11:35:42 -0500, Gary Brown wrote:

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I've got no idea what's out there, but I would try a single French-US
converter, supplying power to a $5 surge protector

Re: Laptop For France

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I'm writing this in France on a UK laptop. My power adapter accepts 100-240v
input, so I could use it anywhere in the world with a suitable travel
adapter. Don't laptops sold in the US come with a similar power adapter? If
not you will need a 220 / 110v transformer.

Mutli-sockets that accept all kinds of plug can be bought in big
supermarkets here as can adapters to plug a modem cable into a French
telephone socket.

You can get pay-as-you go dial-up from Wanadoo (among others). You need a
French address to sign up, but if you can use a friend's address you can
sign up from the US.

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