Laptop fan always on

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Hi guys, hope you can help me.

My new Turion64 ML-30 Asus A6K notebook is really nice except for one
thing - the fan is always on, even when the system is completely idle.

CPU temp is usually ~43C. The fan comes on ~41C.

I don't understand why the fan should always be on. I thought AMD 64s
ran pretty cool?

I've heard you can slow down AMD 64s and make them cooler. How do I do
this? There's nothing in the BIOS and the Asus Power Gear thing doesn't
seem to work at all.

Any ideas?

Re: Laptop fan always on

JS wrote:
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Do you know which AMD64 is in the laptop - mobile low voltage, desktop,
etc?  Is the Power Gear running in the system tray?  Many of these type
of utilities need to be running to perform their functions.


Re: Laptop fan always on

Quaoar wrote:
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According to the spec:

AMD Turion 64 Mobile Technology
1MB L2 cache
25W MT-30

It runs at 1600MHz.

The Asus Power gear thing won't let you select the low-power settings if
you're running off AC power. If you try to customise the available
profiles, the changes don't stick.

Is there anything else I can download that works?

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