laptop doesn't start....

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I have a Laptop Pavillium/Windows XP/ 1024mg

When I turn it on it lights all the buttons right away (as if it was
on...), the screen is black, and the mouse light doesn't work...

Try to turn it off pressing for several seconds the on/off button, but
it sounds as if it was hibernating, rather than off, because when I
turn on the button lights come right away, instead of little by

Thanks for any help!


Re: laptop doesn't start.... wrote:
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If your laptop normally boots into a user profile--not the welcome
screen, you can do this to shutdown blind:

1) Press Windows key

2) Press up arrow key

3) Hit enter

4) Press U key

Wait a little bit between each keypress to give the system time to
react.  If you've started the right place, and hit those keys, the
system should shutdown.

If, in fact, it does shutdown, that's also fairly conclusive evidence
that your screen, or it's connecting cables, have failed.

Re: laptop doesn't start....

On Tue, 03 Mar 2009 18:13:12 GMT, Grinder

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What is the exact model number of your HP Pavillion?
I wrote "exact" because lots of people, when attempting to
list their model number, only give the family model number
instead of the one specific to their laptop.

For example, someone might call a laptop a v6000, or be a
little more specific and call it a v6310, when it is
actually a v6310us as shown on the sticker on the bottom of
the casing.

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Does it do the same thing using AC power with the battery
installed, using AC power without the battery, and using
only the battery?

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How long did you wait before holding in the power button to
get it to turn off?  If it had not ran long enough to boot
windows, or resume from hibernation (probably about 10
seconds, but the last time it ran had you used hibernation
mode or had it crashed or shut down fully instead... if it
did not hibernate last time it ran, it should not be
hibernating now ), then it isn't likely to be hibernating.

Either way, it doesn't necessarily matter if it is
hibernating, only why it isn't working otherwise.  Possibly
the backlight for the display has gone out, shine a very
bright flashlight on it to see if you can make out any text
or graphics.  If you cannot, it is probably a different
hardware instability causing it to fail to POST at all.

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Presuming the laptop has a hard drive activity LED, it
should be apparent by looking at it blinking in a certain
pattern whether it is booting or resuming from hibernation.
Rapid almost constant blinking for somewhere between 4 and
25 seconds, after a few seconds of being turned on would
indicate it was resuming from hibernation.  More lengthly
and irregular HDD activity blinking that goes on for closer
to a minute if not longer would usually indicate a full
windows bootup.

If it does neither of the things I doubt the screen has
failed, probably a power supply or mainboard failure

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Agreed, that would confirm windows is running, it is useful
to know whether it is running or the laptop is too instable
to run and isn't hibernating as suspected.

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