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I think I have a 4 ampere-hour battery in my laptop now.  It lasts
about 2 hours.

If I get this

, which is 40 ampere-hours, does that mean I could hook my laptop to
it and get an extra 20 hours?


Re: laptop

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That's a really terrible price for a UPS. Better ones are available for
half that price from reliable vendors.

As to how long it will run your laptop you will have to look
at the power drain of the laptop from the AC line
as the UPS works at the AC line level. Do you really want to schlep a
13 pound brick around?

Re: laptop

On Sat, 19 Aug 2006 20:10:53 -0400, "pen"

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I make no call about whether the UPS Bob linked is a good
value but it is quite different from the one you linked in
that it is targeted for continual, *long* term use.

It has 40AH battery and would necessarily have to be
engineered to stay cool enough, while the more common type
you linked, is only meant to run for a few minutes and may
not (isn't usually) able to run hours at a time at the rated
output (and indeed, it couldn't since I have one somewhere
and recal it has only a 7AH battery.

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