LaCie Big Extreme Triple 500GB External Drive Failure

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Does anyone know how to repair a LaCie Big Extreme Triple 500GB
External Drive?
I made a trade with a co-worker several months ago for a  LaCie Big
Extreme Triple 500GB External Drive. He said that the unit had been
replaced by LaCie, because the unit would stop working intermittently,
but he wasn't sure if it was the drive itself or perhaps his firewire
PCI card that was giving him problems. What I was trading him for
wasn't anything that caused any out of pocket expense to me so I
figured, hey I'm not out any money, and I need a firewire backup
drive, so I'll give it a shot.
I hooked it up connecting it via my 400mbps firewire port on my Mac
and partitioned and reformatted the drive, 1 partition for my system
backup, and the other for everything else I wanted to drop on it. The
drive worked fine for few months without any problems, then last week
it just dropped off of my desktop, I turned it off and then back on,
and it seemed to be fine. Then 2 days later it stopped all together. I
attempted to reformat it, and it would get about a 1/4 of the way
through and then stopped, with an error message stating that the drive
is not responding. I've contacted LaCie support asking if it might
still be under warranty, and if not what can be done to fix this, but
as of yet they have not replied to my request.
So has anyone else experienced similar problems? I've noticed a couple
postings that sound somewhat similar, and it sounds like they had to
change how it connected up via the USB port rather then the firewire
Any help or advice will be appreciated.

Re: LaCie Big Extreme Triple 500GB External Drive Failure wrote:

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Nopes. But I do know that my father has had lots and lots of problems
with external LaCie drives. I think he has replaced three of them and
the last time he bought another brand.

I have two, and haven't had any problems.


Re: LaCie Big Extreme Triple 500GB External Drive Failure

On 2007-07-09 12:32:25 -0500, said:

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Why not ask in a legitimate Mac news group such as
comp.sys.mac.hardware or even comp.sys.mac.system?  This news group is
chock full of Mac-hating Windows users who love to do whatever they can
to disrupt normal conversation.


Re: LaCie Big Extreme Triple 500GB External Drive Failure

my friend has the same problem with u,and finally he solved it ,if u
like ,u can contact with

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