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I'm getting small vertical lines at the edge of all windows on the
monitor, while connected to the new KVM switch.  Problem only occurs
with the one system though...the second pc on the KVM looks fine.

It's like the video card isn't sending out a strong enough signal to
make it through the box and to the monitor.

-Tried replacing the switch and the cables, no go.
-Tried playing around with display settings...refresh rate, resolution,
etc.. no go.
-Tried updating video driver, no go
-Tried switching power supplies from a 350W antec to 430W thermaltake, no go

Video card on the problem system is a radeon 9800 pro, on the good
system it's onboard.

Any suggestions?

Re: KVM Switch Help

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You have tried the monitor alone, unaided, by itself ?.

Re: KVM Switch Help

Yup. Hookup of just monitor to pc, without kvm, works perfect.
Second pc on the KVM looks good too...just the one system that's having
problems going through the KVM for some reason.

Also- doesn't seem to matter whether both systems are on or not.

old jon wrote:
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Re: KVM Switch Help

I do not know if your switch is a mechanical or electronic type. Anyway, if
you try to swap the two output systems, you will be able to figure out where
the problem is.
F. Hui

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Re: KVM Switch Help

Tim wrote:
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I had that with a Reverse KVM made by Belkin.
consider a different make of KVM Switch,  see  newegg and look for
reviews. I bought a Zonet KVM Switch 3004 - 4 ports. ugly but works.
It may well be a bad KVM switch, i'm not sure.
I never actually tried a new reverse KVM, so I don't know if it was the
fault of the belkin reverse KVM.  I know beklin have a bad rep for KVM

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