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I have a IOGear kvm switch which works fine with a PS2 mouse, but if I
use a optical mouse with a usb and a usb to ps2 adapter, it does not
seem to recognize it.  I was wondering if someone knows where I can get
a good quality optical mouse or even a trackball with a PS2 connection.
  I like logitech, but it is hard these days to find any mouse or
trackball with a PS2 rather than a USB connection.  I found one though
it only cost $5.00, its performance is a bit jerky and not great.


Re: kvm switch and mouse


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I have several Logitech mice with native USB (and using the
simple pin-adapter PS2-USB to connect them), and they work
fine with my PS2 KVMs.  The one catch is that the Setpoint
and Mouseware (I think, I dont' use the latter so much
anymore) only detect a generic mouse, not that they're
logitech so they lose the special features... at least any
not assignable by generic mappings.  Using MS' Intellipoint
might regain some of those features but certainly not all,
as one of the mice I have is a Mediaplay and Intellipoint
can't begin to address it's features.

So I suspect you have an issue specific to either your KVM,
that one mouse, or the combination of the two, since other
KVM and USB-PS2 optical mice are known to work at least in
the basic sense of mousing (detection, movement,

I'm not certain, but "maybe" one system I had first
connected an MX300 (another logitech mouse) to via USB, then
later connected through a KVM, continued to show same
settings for the MX300 instead of for a generic mouse.
MX300 isn't so well endowed though, only an extra lower
middle button though it's a great mouse in spite of this (or
perhaps because of it, there are no other mice so
lightweight with as much precision except the tiny notebook
types which are too small for my uses).

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