KVM switch and keyboard mouse use

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I have an old (5 years Logitech wireless keyboard and mouse). When I
switch between PCs one or both get lost and I have to reboot.
I approached Logitech about this some years ago and they replied bad luck.
It is not the switch (tried several different brands). Does anyone have
any experience of using new units with KVM switches, I am particularly
interested in wireless keyboard and mouse


Jack Russell

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Re: KVM switch and keyboard mouse use

Jack Russell wrote:

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there alot of bad kvm switches! I have found that the Zonet KVM 3004
works, was rated extremely highly on newegg.

a problem I did run into regarding computer units and kvm switches, was
that when a machine was turned off, the kvm got stuck and couldn`t
switch to others. It was like it thought the machine was on, so chose
to get into from that machine, but didn`t receive input(like scroll
lock 1, or a kvm switching command).  This problem was from the fact
that the KVM Switch got its power via Ps2. (it had an ACDC socket, but
still it got its power from ps2). And the motherboard and/or BIOS was
set to 5VSB/5V SB , so emitted 5V, from the ps2 ports.

Another possible problem, may be power supplies in the computer. Try
changing them.  I have heard of PSU potentially being a problem.

Another one may be a computer going into hibernation or suspend, and
not coming out. Though you`d prob know if that was the trigger.

Those are just my experiences. I don`t think they are -that- relevant
to you though.


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