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I am using this usb kvm switch to share kbd,mouse and speakers. kbd and
mouse works well but not my audio. I am sharing it between a windows
2000 pc and redhat enterprise linux 3.0 pc. It does not even work under
windows2000. My audio works well on both machines individually.
Wondering if anybody made audio to work using this kvm switch.

Next question i have a 17 inch monitor right now. I am wondering if this
switch works well with lcd monitors.

Re: kvm switch

Oradba Linux wrote:
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This might sound silly, but have you tried pushing the volume right up?
My Aten CS-62A KVM is a similar product to yours. The sound through the
audio cables is terrible - muffled and very low volume. As if they used
cable that's too big for the purpose. I just use seperate cables and
splitter for audio now.

Other than that it's hard to say what could be the problem, except
damaged cable. Sure you are using correct soundcard outlet? I think
there are occasional issues with linux and KVM's, but doubt w2k would
have any issues.

Re: kvm switch

aleX wrote:

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I just set up my KVM using the audio cables again to test it out. I
usually listen to audio through headphones. It was very low volume, but
I played around with 'Sounds and Multimedia' settings in Control Panel
in W2k. 'Options' in 'Sound Playback' and 'Sound Recording' brought up a
few extra sliders, and I managed to get the volume up a fair amount,
enough to hear audio pretty well. It's still distorted though - I get
the impression that my KVM audio cables are just meant for connecting
into powered speakers which handle the amplification, rather than the
soundcard handling amplification, as without speakers it distorts once
the volume is up enough to hear through headphones.

Sorry that this doesn't answer your original question if you are getting
no audio at all.

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