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I'm wondering whether it's possible to change the hotkey for a KVM
switch - I use an Aten CS-64U four port USB KVM switch, and the only
configurability it appears to have is whether you want to hit [scroll
lock]+[scroll lock]+[port#]+[enter] or [ctrl]+[ctrl]+[port#]+[enter].
Is there anywhere to perhaps find custom firmware for switches?  I
tried to use a 'keystroke macro' program but it seems the keystrokes
have to come directly from the keyboard and not through software
(which makes sense).

I switch between (three) computers quite a bit so I need it to be as
easy as possible.  Even suggestions on a KVM switch which suits my
needs would be fine.  Or resources on how I might be able to create my
own firmware.  Being able to set the specific "switch to port 1"
"switch to port 2" etc commands to a single media-key on my keyboard
would be great.

Re: KVM hotkey

On Dec 4, 10:08 pm, balli...@gmail.com wrote:
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most prob have an easier hotkey. My zonet kvm switch was scroll scroll
You use 2 hands on the keyboard,
with one hand tap scroll twice, with the other tag the digit you want.
Very convenient. use index fingers on each hand!

This is not a good alternative for you, becaue it involves buying a
different KVM switch!! (next time research the hotkey!)

An alternative was tapping the button on the top. (that required you
to be near it). But that only cycles through them.

And a further alternative was a DIY job, (though also cycling through
them, but you don`t have to be near it. So this is ok if you have a
KVM Extender)..
to extend the actual switch (as in the button switch). As in, you
unscrew it, see the bottom of the PCB, has many metal notches on it.
Well, pushing a switch is like jumpering 2 of those together.
Buy a cable - with 2 wires and a shield. Shield is important..
Otherwise if it is a 30M cable it could act as an antenna and mess
You basically extend the notches, by attaching wires to them, and
stick a switch Metres away, on the other end of the cable.  Then push
the switch from your remote location.  If you know an electronics geek
they might be able to help talk your through it.  In a chat,
newsgroup, or even the right electronics store!   But that won`t help
you much `cos it won`t go to the screen you want. It will just push
the button, which cycles through the screens.
I only did that because the hotkey clashed with my kvm extender.. But
then I found out how to adjust the kvm extender so they did not clash.
My KVM switch died some months after my modification of it.. I had
another one though..

I had and would get ones with a decent hotkey..

I don`t think any type of hardware device has generic firmware.
Otherwise, you`d have them for unlocking DVD drives by now!!

I have absolutely no idea why you mention a keyboard macro program.
Because with a KVM switch, or at least the ones I have used. The one
Keyboard in the system, is not attached to any computer!!!

You may be able to get a programmable keyboard.. People used to have
programmable joypads / controlpads for computer games.

check out these beasts by fentek
it might not work though - it mentions windows. Hopefully it is only
programmed from windows. But can be used fully, in a KVM setting.
This keyboard is one of the easiest and most programmable keyboards on
the market. All 132 keys are programmable and 44 keys are relegendable
with transparent key caps. Using a powerful Windows-based programming
utility that stores key definitions in a data file
it may be worth contacting  them . to see if they know of any solution
of a programmable keyboard that does not involve windows..

But is prob cheaper to get a KVM with a better hotkey. like the
standard scroll scroll digit.

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