Kloss & Trigem.. What's Up With Them?

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Anyone know what is up with Trigem and the Kloss? The KlossPC site is
down and Trigem's site is just total rubbish.

I've got a KL-I915a coming and in some ways am a little bewildered to
find support for the Kloss is no where to be seen.

About the only stuff I can find on the web are reviews.

Anyone know of any user or support forums \ groups for the Kloss?



Re: Kloss & Trigem.. What's Up With Them?

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What remains of Klosspc can be seen here.


Hmmm... Maybe Trigem and Klosspc are one in the same ? Trigem appears
to be an ODM/OEM doing both motherboards for the likes of HP, and
also making laptops. If the Klosspc email address doesn't work,
(c o n t a c t [at] k l o s s p c . c o m) then perhaps Trigem themselves
will respond to your inquiries ?

These are a few things I look for before buying:

1) Is there a downloadable manual for the product ?
2) Is there a web site with BIOS upgrades ? How frequently does the
   company issue upgrades ? (Hint: Look at one of their older
   products, and see when the support stopped).
3) Are there tech support web pages, that list all the exact models
   of processors that are supported by the BIOS and by the
   circuits on the motherboard ? Do they have a FAQ page detailing
   any quirks the product has ?

If your new purchase uses one of those "generic" BIOS, chances
are there will be next to no adjustments in the BIOS. If you are
having trouble making a system stable, having more adjustments in
the BIOS might mean the difference between success and failure.
Thus, the section of the downloadable user manual that details
the BIOS interface, hints at whether the product is suitable
for a home builder or not.

I would be looking at your retailer's returns policy at this point,
to see whether it is worthwhile opening the shipping carton
when it arrives... I hope you got a good deal on that thing.

An ODM/OEM will not provide support for an end user, and that
is precisely the reason Trigem created the Klosspc business unit.
It makes an easy way to avoid doing support.

I've been caught once like this, when I purchased a $1500 gray market
peripheral, without knowing it was gray market. The bundled software
did not include an English version, the equipment maker's Canadian
office chided me for buying the thing from the USA (I was treated
like I had leprosy), the vendor wouldn't help, even when threatened
with credit card action (and wouldn't even admit it was not a normal
North American model), and the bundled software maker, when I
contacted them, seemed to be only too aware of what was happening.
I ask a lot more questions about the products I buy now.


Re: Kloss & Trigem.. What's Up With Them?

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Cheers for these Paul.

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I believe (with the little I can gleam) that Kloss is one of their
products \ sub-companies? but they may be washing their hands of it..
although from the looks of the Trigem website itself (poor english
support)  they may have other problems or even found it difficult to
survive in the western market....

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I know these but it's a beautiful looking machine and I wanted it now

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Well if it is actually new and fully functioning and not some reject
then I got a great deal on it.... not that I think that makes a
difference where it's usability and stability are concerned.

I guess I am just a little peeved that there is zero on the net as if
the machine never actually got developed.

I have found one guy who seems to be a BIOS junkie and as luck would
have it had a BIOS update on his website so that is something I

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Now that's a true horror story. My loss (if it ends up that way) will
be far less than that and given KlossPC is no longer available full
stop I guess I can save myself all the hassle of chasing people as
there is no one to chase ;-)

I still have a couple of days before it turns up and then need to get
a CPU to test it.... so I shall see where the path leads..

Thanks Paul for keeping me company a little along the way.


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