Keyboard not working

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Hi group,

i was asked to look over an older labtop (dell inspirion 3200)
which has a broken keyboard. There are not all keys working.
Can someone hint on where to look for the broken part?

I have a service manual that explain how to exchange parts of the
labtop and i am equipped with a screwdriver.


Re: Keyboard not working

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Why don`t you `Google` for `dell inspirion 3200 parts` Mat ?.
best wishes..OJ

Re: Keyboard not working

On Mon, 24 Oct 2005 20:58:38 +0200, Matthias Pfeifer

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Does "keys not working" mean they depress and release
normally but don't make the characters (electrical contact),
or make the wrong characters, or that the mechanical aspect
of keypress or release is what is broken.

Take the keyboard partially out but before completing that,
look at the ribbon cable to see if it was fully inserted.

Pull the whole thing out and examine the ribbon cable for
corrosion or gunk buildup.  While I mention these first,
it's probably the keyboard itself which is not usually
user-servicable... you could try to take it apart but I
would expect you will need buy a replacement from Dell if
not a 3rd party.

Re: Keyboard not working

kony wrote:
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Thank you. Tha guy fetched his labtop today. Thanks anyway...


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