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I'm looking for keyboard / mouse switch, with no video requirement..

I will have two computers, each with one monitor.  I want one keyboard/
mouse to control them.

I was thinking of a KVM - but I would keep the monitors plugged
directly to the computer's gfx cards. I only want to have the mouse/kb
switch.   I also need it to switch fast, either with a hard switch I
can flip, or remote control with little delay.

Anyone know of such a device?

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Get the normal type of KVM and just don't plug in the monitors


Re: Keyboard / Mouse Switch

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That was my fall back yes - was hoping there was a less expensive
hardware that didn't bother with video. Two Computer KVMs seem pretty
cheap as it is, so I won't waste time on this. Thanks,

Re: Keyboard / Mouse Switch

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something I ran into some time ago with stumbleupon

KVM minus the V / KVM minus V

So regular KVM switch switches K,V,M between computers.
(so one keyboard video and mouse)

This switches K,M between different computers and screens.
(so one keyboard and mouse).


it goes in the bag of KVM things.  KVM switch, reverse KVM switch
It's a software kvm solution. If you googled software kvm you'd find
You come up with somebody that did a hack of VNC to get a KVM switch -
was dirty last time I checked. There's some payware software called
Kavoom for windows - not linux.  And there's synergy which is KVM
minus V.

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