Just gotta mention a UK parts supplier

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I have no connection with this company and have never used them before. They
had the MoBo in stock I wanted at a good price so I thought lets give them a

I placed the order yesterday at 15:57, selecting their FREE 7 working day
carriage method.

The order was provisionally approved at 16:57

This morning at 09:50 I received confirmation the order has been fulfilled.

Great I thought it will be here between Monday & Wednesday next week.

13:00 the door bell goes and the misses answers it.....package for *********

She asked me if I was expecting anything........NO, not that I am aware. She
thinks it's her secret Xmas pressy.......so I take it away and open it.

Well blow me, its the MoBo...............now that IS a good service..

well done IT247

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