Joystick Driver Conflict Solution for Most People

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I Recently found a solution to many peoples Problems Dealing with
Driver Issues for Joysticks and Gaming Ports. Owning a Gravis Digital
Controller and downloading the latest Drivers for that Controller, I
found More problems and conflicts than if I just let Windows XP use
their Drivers.  I also had a seperate Sound card with its own Gaming
port that also caused errors of the Joystick Unable to be found even
when I Disabled the Onboard Audio/Gaming Ports.
  So I wanted to see what would happen If I Took out the Sound Card,
Deleted Gravis Drivers and just work with Windows XP Drivers and the
Onboard Gaming Port thats on the Motherboard. To my Surprise Windows
Found The Joystick and it no longer had errors or conflicts during
gaming. I Don't know if this is true for every Joystick, But The Gravis
Digital is a more that a few years old and Windows XP Has no problems
So Far.

    Sometimes Adding Drivers and Extra Boards Cause More Conflicts and

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