Joystick (Analog) Mystery

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   I have a Compaq Presario 1060 laptop (WIN95), bought around 1997.  It has a
game port connector.  I have two analog joysticks (Kraft and Quick Shot,
QS201) which I am unable to use in Dos mode (Windows shut down).  I can use
them at the Dos "Prompt".   I couldn't find a Dos mode driver for either
joystick, but there is a handler in BIOS for a joystick so I really don't need
a Dos driver.

  I used a  Dos based "JOYREAD" tool which uses two modes (the joystick
handler in BIOS or software loop) to read the joystick port (0201h).  Both
modes work fine at the Dos "Prompt", but neither works in Dos mode.  Simple
button/s pressing can't be detected in Dos mode, but detected just fine at Dos

  Note: I have a Dos mode Commodore 64 emulator that will not "run"
at the Dos prompt.   I have many C64 games that work best with a
joystick.  Also note,  I have a Compaq Presario CDS774 desktop
computer I bought in late 1995.  These same joysticks work just
fine in Dos mode (without Windows) using the BIOS joystick handler.

  Is there a direct connection with the sound system (ES1788 from
ESS Technology) and this port?

   What "enables" this port when Windows is launched, even though
there is a BIOS (rom) handler for this port?

                Thanks in advance,   Brad

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Re: Joystick (Analog) Mystery

On Wed, 15 Feb 2006 17:49:32 GMT, (Brad)

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Define "handler".  Often the bios allows enabling or
disabling the joystick port.

Generally speaking (I've no idea about your specific
notebook), to get the joystick to work you need the DOS
sound driver as the port is part of the sound functionality.
It is not a joystick driver you need, at least not to get
the base port working and support any generic joystick
functionality such as a button or two and X, Y axis.

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Get a DOS sound card driver.

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I should read ahead more often...  yeah, you need to load
the driver.  Sometimes there are also configuration switches
revealed in the driver documentation as well.

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