Jittery, flickering screen!

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I've been trying to resurrect  my older Dell Dimension desktop that was out
of use for a couple of years and there's been one problem after another, now
it's a flickering monitor!  I'm using a fairly new Viewsonic VA520 LCD and
my display adapter is a NVIDIA GeForce 256 AGP (Dell)

The adapter went bad once and Dell sent me a replacement, I wonder if it's
going bad again?

I tried adjusting the resolution, refresh rate, color depth, but nothing
made a difference!  It does settle down for awhile now and then, but it
always comes back, I'm getting a headache!

Any thoughts/suggestions on this?


Re: Jittery, flickering screen!

On Sun, 21 Aug 2005 00:47:16 -0700, "Lunaray"

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Check the fan immediately, if it is stopped then shut down
the box and lube the fan- until you can buy a replacement
fan (or whole card).

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Check the video cable, unplug it and inspect the contacts,
then plug it in and unplug it a few times (to clean the
contacts a little).  Check the orientation of the video card
in the slot, also unplugging and replugging it, and the
orientation of the motherboard as mounted- if it's screwed
onto the case wall a little off-center it can progressively
become more problematic over time.

Further it could be good to isolate the monitor-   Try a
different monitor or different system with that monitor.
Also try slightly wiggling the cable-monitor connection
(very carefully) and the cable-card connection as well while
observing the result onscreen.

Is it possible your location is subject to AC brownouts that
might effect the monitor?

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