It's definately fixed !

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The other day, one of my main machines died.

It would not boot or do anything...stone dead.

First thing I did was check the PSU with a tester...and it was fine.

I replugged it to the mobo and tried again...and all was fine...
but a day later, the machine just turned off...dead...after it had been
running fine for a few hours...
But booted right back up with no problems.

A day later, the same thing happened.

Although I have several machines in my house...
I did not want to be without at least two main computers...
so went out and ordered a new mobo and PSU.

I have tons of spare parts here ...enough to make a dozen machines...
but I wanted some new stuff for once in my life :)

Of course after I ordered the parts  (new...but cheap surplus)
I then discovered that the line cord going into the PSU did not seem to be
pushed in very well...
so gave it a very firm push and the machine has not faulted once ever since.

But the only way I will know absolutely for sure that that was the
is for me to post here and proclaim:  PROBLEM FIXED!

If the machine stays running after I hit the "send" button
I may be OK :)

Re: It's definately fixed !

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...and did it?

Re: It's definately fixed !

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I just got home from work
and it booted right up!

I still don't trust it though...I'll have to give it a few more weeks

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