ISDN on an XP box?

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Hi all

My client had  Win 98 systems gradually were are going over to XP

The Hayes Accura PCI ISDN cards will not install in any XP box properly
(despite having XP drivers) and hence wont work with the Bank software we

Most ISDN cards I looked at since only go to 2000.

We had to dig out an old PC  (AMD 450Mhz system. must be 8 years old!) to
get just the software to run.

Anyone successfully using Internal or ext USB/serial ISDN in UK?

help is appreciated.



Re: ISDN on an XP box?

Alan wrote:
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As you've noticed ISDN is dying (here in the States, it's almost dead,
some will say it was never really alive), are there no other viable
broadband options to consider?

Is your bank software actually tied to ISDN, or can it accomidate other
forms of connectivity?

Re: ISDN on an XP box?

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Thanks for the reply..

Yes i agree... I had this discussion with the Tech support whilst trying to
get the system working on XP.. They keep it because it's 'more secure'

It's not an elegant solution to have an old box just for business banking...
but there doesn't seem to be any other solution at present.

I'm looking at a Trust Mini USB ISDN modem - ISDN terminal adapter at
present; though I don't know if the 'problem' is with XP and ISDN rather
than the hardware. XP/WK2 definitley didn't like thte Internal PCI card.. a
well known brand at that!

Wonder if anyone else is using it other something else....?




Re: ISDN on an XP box?

Alan wrote:
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I wonder how they figure THAT. Once you're connected to the Internet,
you have an IP address, just like everyone else. I don't buy security
through obscurity for this one. I think they're lazy.

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You could do connection sharing on it, I suppose..... I don't like the
idea very much, though.

What OS is this old box running? Win98, Win2k, WinXP? Can you try
loading XP on, since you know the hardware all works under its current
OS. This can be useful to seperate a Hardware vs OS question. k6-2 450
is OK, at least for an short term expiriment on XP. You need mimimum
128MB ram for XP. 128MB is painful, so more is better.

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Well, *somebody* has to have ISDN working on XP,  or it just wouldn't
be an option. Have you made any inroads with contacting your ISDN
service provider? They may be able to at least suggest XP compatible

XP does support ISDN. See if these help:

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