Is Usenet getting smaller?

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Guys..ive noticed that some of my usenet groups are having problems
posting. Dont know if this is cause googles screwing it up or if
usenet itself is slowly dying away. Anyone have a clue? If it is...I
kind of knew it would happen bout a decade ago. Once internet speeds
became faster and everyone started to use it...advertising could
easily be injected into everything and actually become profitable
(this was not the case a decade ago when alot of people still used
dial up and dsl and cable were very expensive) So im guessing the rise
of web based  forums with advertising (and you see them all nowadays)
now dominate the internet (which sucks since now every friggen group
you have to have a friggen account or password..jeese!)

Re: Is Usenet getting smaller?

E.T. wrote:
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Um, Google has an incompetence problem. It's been going on
for a while now, and they're not giving details. They claim to
be "working on it", but there is no tangible evidence of
such work. It's still broken.

If you want a real USENET server, there is or . Check their web sites for details.
AIOE doesn't use a password, which means you can be posting
there, five minutes after reading this... AIOE limits
how many text postings you can make per day, so it is not
a good fit, if you're a "chat room" kind of poster (i.e.
one sentence per post). AIOE polices users by using filters,
and has extensive and annoying filter rules. So it's an
acquired taste. E-S requires you to sign up for username/password,
but the end result is less annoyances.


Are all USB3 ports equal?

I have Win7 ultimate, an i7CPU and a GA-X58A-UD7 motherboard.

The motherboard has 3 USB3 connections:

1/  The four at the back panel called "USB 3.0/2.0 port".

2/ Two extra on a plug-in USB 3.0 PCI-e card (Shintaro USB3.0, 2-port

3/ Two extra from a small socket at the very bottom of the motherboard
called "USB headers "F_USB1/F_USB2/F_USB3"

I need to know if these are all equivalent in performance (speed) when
using a flash drive for images and video.

Is it OK to use the HDD performance checkers (such as HD-tune Pro) to
determine the fastest port and the best Flash Drive?


Re: Are all USB3 ports equal?

Peter Jason wrote:
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You can do "sustained read" testing if you want, as that doesn't
hurt the flash memory. Even the free version of HDTune (2.55) can
do that for you.


They make USB3 flash drives now, so if you want to benchmark,
try one of these. This one is expensive, at $179.

    "sequential reads were consistently between 185-195 MB/s and
     sequential writes were consistently between 117-119 MB/s"

If you run a USB2 device on a USB3 port, expect USB2 speeds.
In the low to mid 30MB/sec range best case.

If you use a USB3 device on a USB3 port, then it can use
the set of pins that support higher speeds. The upper
limit (predicted value) is 336MB/sec or so, and no device
does that, just yet. The best value seen in storage devices
that I've heard of, is around 200MB/sec. Maybe the 336MB/sec
value will be unobtainable. Only time will tell.


Re: Are all USB3 ports equal?

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I did buy a USB3 flash drive, but I am very disappointed with it.
It's a 16Gb  "ARam Turbo" TRX200 USB3.0 "Super
Fast Drive", and HD-tune says it has a read of 35Mb/sec.   It says
there's a built-in "Error Correction Code" that might be slowing it

Anyway, when I am processing images (transferring/deleting/sorting) it
starts off fast but then inexorably slows down, and always seems to be
stalling so as to "catch up".

I am looking for a supplier for the one you suggest above.


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