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Dell Computers - now with PRE-INSTALLED spyware!

The place I work received three Dell laptops yesterday. While setting up one
of them this morning, I discovered something called "MyWay Search Assistant"
in the Add/Remove Programs control panel. I'd never heard of that particular
program, so I Googled it hoping to find more info.

I wasn't entirely surprised to find that it's spyware, so I used the control
panel to remove it. However, one of the posts I saw was from someone who
tried the same tactic and was not happy to find that the program put itself
back into the control panel after a reboot, minus the "Remove" button that
would allow uninstalling it again!

They were right - it did replace itself in Add/Remove Programs and no longer
had a "Remove" button.

So I'm currently formatting the drive of a brand new laptop so I can
reinstall Windows from scratch to get rid of Dell's spyware crap. Can you
tell I'm not very happy about this?

Up until today, I was a big fan of Dell's computers. No more - I will never
again recommend a Dell to anyone. I hope whatever money Dell got from MyWay
will offset all the business they're going to lose once this starts getting

Like corporate IT departments don't already have enough spyware problems
without vendors PRE-INSTALLING the fucking shit. I can't believe Dell was
stupid enough to pull this.

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