is this spyware?

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boy, I really had a hard time getting rid of ibm00001.exe
nothing would happen, just a warning at boot-up saying its not present.

now, I dont know what this is:

Running processes:


WinMedia = "C:\WINDOWSxqnjotd9181490.exe "
WinUpgrade = "C:\WINDOWSxqnjotd9192214.exe "
WinUpdate = "C:\WINDOWSxqnjotd9203747.exe "


safe to remove, or should I keep them?

Re: is this spyware?

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Those look like viruses...
update your virus checker and run it at once!

Re: is this spyware?

On 15 Dec 2006 10:11:03 -0800, "Bolshoy Huy"

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Get rid of them, and do a find-files for other things
created around the same time or thereafter.

It might be easier to boot another OS, or pull the drive and
mount it from another system to scan and be rid of
everything, many modern viri will reproduce, monitor the
files and make active process killing and deletion futile.

After you get the drive seemingly clean, put it back in the
original system or boot original OS to safe mode and then
scan it again.

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