Is this noise normal?

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This is an HP laptop about 4 months old.  Vista Home Premium

This is difficult to describe but I am talking about a noise similar to the
one heard  when the HD is accessing data from the drive.  That my even be
what is happening.  The strange thing is that I hear the noise whenever I
move the mouse!  This is a very low noise, most people do not even notice
it.  Everything else about the computer seems to be functioning as it

Any ideas?
Thanks... Bob

Re: Is this noise normal?

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Normal, no.  But it does crop up from time to time.
1) Check the connections to your speakers and mouse to make sure they are
making a good connection.
2) I don't know Vista yet but on XP I would go to the sounds control panel
or double click on the little sound icon in the lower right of the task bar.
Then click on the mute option for any input connector like "Mike" or "Line
In" if you are not using them.
3) Verify all power connections to the motherboard, and any other devices
are tight.  If using a "Y" power adaptor on any device verify the
connections on the adaptor cable as well.

I'm sure others here will have other ideas, like verifying any internal
cables leading connected to the sound card, if any, are not tight up against
a sharp edge or solder connection somewhere.

Re: Is this noise normal?

Bob Newman wrote:
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My system recently started up with a similar noise.  I narrowed it down
to the set of external speakers that I was using, or actually one of
them in particular.

Are you using external speakers?

If so, try a different set.  Same goes for the mouse.

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