Is this Computer worth it?

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Is this any good?

Re: Is this Computer worth it?

Uncle Nobby wrote:

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1.8G cpu is far behind new machines. It should do everything you want,
but its a lot of money for a NOS machine.


Re: Is this Computer worth it? wrote:
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But it's a Core 2 Duo, the processors run much more efficient; the 1.86MHz
is not a problem. It's fairly priced for the spec.

Re: Is this Computer worth it?

Johannes Andersen wrote:
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The E6300 is not listed in the chart here, but this particular benchmark
scales well with frequency. If you take the benchmark results of the
E6400 Core2 Duo and multiply by 1.86/2.13 (the ratio of the processor
frequencies), you get a benchmark value of about 17000 or so estimated
for the E6300. That is slightly faster than the Pentium D 960 dual core
running at 3.6GHz. So the processor is faster than its clock rate suggests.

While that benchmark gives a multiplier of 2x based on effectiveness at
its frequency, not all benchmarks give the same results. A slightly lower
multiplier for the effective clock rate might be in order. Looking at the
benchmarks that best reflect the applications being used, would help.

It is also possible to overclock processors like that, and climb further
up that chart. But with no knowledge about what motherboard is used,
it is hard to say whether the Medion package is overclocking friendly.

The exchange rate today is:

    1 British Pound (GBP) = 1.93791 US Dollar (USD)

    ( )

so the 549.99 is about $1066 USD.

About the only question I have about that system, is whether the video
card is enough or not. The 7650GS doesn't seem to be shipping yet.
And I can't find any specs for the card, although the naming convention
suggests it will be in the same ballpark as the 7600GS. (The fact that
it is "passively cooled" is a warning sign. I like to install an 80mm
fan next to cards like that. I have a couple video cards without fans
on them, and I use an 80mm fan sitting next to them, to keep them
stable while gaming.) It is certainly tempting to look for a
stronger video card..

I tried the HP and Dell UK sites, and they have nothing to compare to
this. (I have to add an 82 WinTV-HVR3000 to get the TV functions.)
So it doesn't look like a bad deal so far.

The difference between pre-built and DIY computers, is with the pre-built
you can get a better price. With the DIY, you get exactly what you want
in the way of components. The best of all worlds would be a build-to-order
PC, if you could get it without the abominable software package that comes
with such machines. A retail Microsoft OS would be transferable, reinstallable,
and all-round friendlier, than the bloated config that comes with a lot
of pre-built machines. I'd rather have my choice of antivirus packages, than
take whatever is bundled with the pre-built machine. Nuking the installed
software, and starting from scratch, is one way to fix it...


Re: Is this Computer worth it?

Paul wrote:
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Yes, I agree to all that. There is also the possibility that pre-build
machines contain a degree of proprietary components which are not listed
and sold generally, hence affecting compatibility for future upgrades.

Price may not be the main criteria, but nevertheless the Gadget programme
on channel 5 once showed that you could actually build a both cheaper and
better machine, the commercial machine had skimped on the graphics system.

Re: Is this Computer worth it?

On Tue, 28 Nov 2006 21:09:28 -0000, "Dr Zoidberg"

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Memories of my first "real" computer. Brings back the good old days.
Before that only had access to my college computer with the card
readers and stuff.

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