Is there still a Free firewall for windows 98?

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What's the best? or is it no longer supported?



Re: Is there still a Free firewall for windows 98?

On Mon, 19 Feb 2007 11:18:58 GMTWhilst not letting inanimate objects

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Outpost Version 1.00,

Unlike Anti-virus/Anti=malware programs Firewall don't really need to
be update as the user decides what the let in and out.
HTH :)

Free Windows/PC help,

Re: Is there still a Free firewall for windows 98?

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Zone Alarm still works. It's not 'best' but is is free and relitevely

However. #

The Win98 version is no longer directly available from Zonelabs, But:,7228-page,1/description.html

Re: Is there still a Free firewall for windows 98?


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IIRC, there's a version of Zonealarm for 9x/98.  Best may
depend on what you're trying to do, there's always a
hardware firewall or even putting the system behind a

Is what, "no longer supported"?

There doesn't necessarily need to be a modern version
program to support it, anything competent at the task should
work today as it did a few years ago.  Just install, run,
read the manual, etc.

Zonealarm apparently ended support on version 6.5,

The above page is a bit ironic (or an idiotic excuse,
depending on how you look at it), when it states:

    "Now that Microsoft will no longer provide security
    updates to these operating systems any PC running
    them will become increasingly prone to security
    vulnerabilities.  Accordingly, ZoneAlarm will cease
    to support Windows 98/98SE/Me ..."

You'd think that the less secure an OS is, the more
important the firewall would be.  Basically an excuse for
them not to put work into further development and testing on
Win9x and I can't really fault them for their decision, as
they were generous as it was to give away the free version
and what they sell for profit is entirely up to them... I
just take issue with their claim about why they "cease
support".  The even more ironic part is that Win9x with
alternative email and browser instead of OE/IE are a lot
more secure than XP if considering most frequenty infections
and targeted flaws rather than abstract things nobody ever
tries to exploit.

Anyway, please excuse the rant, you can get older versions
of Zonealarm free version here,

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