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Re: Is the CPU too hot?

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As far as I can tell, there are no fans that are running slower than
they should be but as I said: there was slightly more noise from the
machine revving up and down before. I have uploaded some images to
help you figure it out:

1) - Ventilation holes
on back of case
2) - Case Fan on side (zoomed
3) - Case Fan on side (zoomed
4) - Front of case (zoomed
5) - Front of case (bottom
6) - Front of case (top area)
7) - Side of case
8) - CPU Fan
9) - Power Supply Fan exhaust (on
back of case)
10) - SpeedFan
temperature readings


 Here are the details on the case and fans:

Case: 17 inch tower case "SPORT" brand (I think its a cheap case)
Power Supply: 400W

1) Case Fan
Type: FAN DC 12V (with red, green and blue LEDs)
Location: On the middle of the left side of the case. Its attached
from the inside. The fan is about 2 inches (not sure, check pictures).
Wire mesh covering outside the fan,

2) CPU Fan
Type: Intel stock
Location: on the cpu (obvious) - check pictures

3) GPU Fan
Type: graphics card fan
Location: MSI Card (chipset: ATI RADEON X1300 PRO)

4) Power Supply Fan
Type: power supply fan
Location: inside power supply (covered with a wire mesh, see pictures)

The room temperature at the time of these reading was 19C-20C (the
room temperature is controlled by a programmable thermostat). The
above described fans are the cooling system this machine has. I also
noticed that there is (I think........)  a sound of a wire or
something getting caught in a fan. I cant tell which fan and Im not
sure if it even is a fan.


Re: Is the CPU too hot?

The thermal MAXIMUM limit of operation of that CPU is 70 C.  You are
destroying it by running it at 81 C - 86 C.  You need a better heavy duty
cooling fan on it.



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Re: Is the CPU too hot?

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I've heard that ASUS PC Probe II (the program I am using to measure
temperature) is too high by 10 degrees. Is it true? Its what most
people are saying in the forums. The links are:

Re: Is the CPU too hot?

On Mar 24, 10:52 am, wrote:
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Also, Is 4100 RPM enought speed for the fan. Do I have to make my fans
go faster? If so, how?

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