Is PS/2 on its way out?

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I find that some motherboard manufacturers, notably Asus, are
omitting PS/2 mouse ports on many (most?) of their current
models. Comments please.

Re: Is PS/2 on its way out?

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The Asus P6T Dlx, Core i7 motherboard has a single PS/2
dual purpose connector that can connect to either a mouse
or keyboard.

Re: Is PS/2 on its way out?

pimpom wrote:
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Yes, gradually disappearing!

Maybe this is of interest to you.
The PC 2001 System Design Guide

PS/2 ports are considered "legacy" devices but allowed when complying
with certain standards.

PC System Design Guide Downloads

Legacy Plug and Play Guidelines
A Technical Reference for Legacy PCs and Peripherals for the Microsoft®
Windows ® Family of Operating Systems
Version 1.0 – May 16, 1999
Intel Corporation and Microsoft Corporation

Legacy Mouse Port and Devices
The following requirements must be met to ensure that all Plug and Play
requirements are met and that built-in Microsoft-supplied drivers
support the pointing device.

If a PS/2-style port is used, the following requirements must be met:
•    Comply in full with requirements in Personal System/2 Specification,
by IBM.
•    Use an 8042 chip (or equivalent) to ensure compatibility with Windows.
In most cases, the existing 8042 keyboard port is sufficient; the chip
initiates a PIC-based IRQ 12 interrupt when the pointing device is
•    Support PCI-based IRQ 12 to ensure the proper functioning of software
written for legacy systems that use this IRQ signal.
•    Return expected codes, including send ID (0F2h) and response
acknowledgement (ACK) (0FAh), plus 1-byte ID.

Re: Is PS/2 on its way out?

Eric P. wrote:
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Thanks for the explanation and the link. I asked mostly out of
curiosity about the trend. So it seems PS/2 is heading the same
way that serial ports and ISA have gone, eh?

Re: Is PS/2 on its way out?

On Sat, 29 Aug 2009 00:52:00 +0530, "pimpom"

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Yes, although some boards have a PS/2 port capable of either
the mouse or keyboard connection, they're being phased out
since USB peripherals are commonplace.  I don't mind that
nearly as much as the dwindling # of PCI slots on boards
these days... still owning a lot of PCI cards I'd reuse so
long as I can get drivers for the OS desired on a system.

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