Is LAN the same as ethernet connection

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Motherboard Manufacturer    MSI
Model    MS-7325

I'm going to get cable internet. I need to have an ethernet card. I
have a LAN connection on my pc.
Is the LAN connector the connector to an onboard ethernet card? Or do
I need to purchase a card?

I see no reference to an ethernet card in my motherboard manual, only
the LAN connector which is siad to be for a LOCAL network.

Please explain.

Re: Is LAN the same as ethernet connection

sofasurfer wrote:
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The first ref to MS-7325 gives:

    "LAN: Supports single LAN jack:
          Single LAN supports 10/100/1000 Fast Ethernet
          by Vitesse VSC8601

     RJ45 LAN jack"

In these picture, the Ethernet RJ45 is the jack at the top of the stack
which is just to the left of the six audio jacks. The two tiny
plastic things just above the RJ45 jack are status LEDs. At least
one of the LEDs will blink when packets are going on the cable.

Your cable internet will have a "cable modem" and with any luck,
they'll have an Ethernet cable provided. It will have a male RJ45 plug
on either end of the cable. Just plug it in to the cable modem and into
the computer, and you're ready to go.

In terms of Ethernet drivers, you've probably already installed
the driver from your motherboard CD. The Ethernet driver would be
from Nvidia, because as far as I can tell, the guts of your
Ethernet are inside the motherboard chipset. The Vitesse VSC8601 is
the "dumb" part of the Ethernet (the PHY), and the "smart" part (the MAC)
is inside the Nvidia chip. So if you haven't already, get the Nvidia driver
off the motherboard CD and install it.

In Windows, you can probably look in the Device Manager, under "Network adapters"
and see an entry there for the Nvidia Ethernet.


Re: Is LAN the same as ethernet connection

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If you have an ethernet jack then you're all set for broadband. Ethernet is
ethernet... doesn't matter if it's for a LAN or WAN, etc.

Re: Is LAN the same as ethernet connection

Paul and Noozer.
You've answered my question quite adequetely.

Re: Is LAN the same as ethernet connection

The LAN connection is another name for an Ethernet connection.


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Re: Is LAN the same as ethernet connection

Ethernet is a network Link-Layer Specification using 8-wire twisted pair
cabling with RJ45Jacks on the ends wired either with UTA_A -->UTA_A
Through cable) or UTA_A -->UTA_B (Crossover cable)

Straight Through cable uses:

-Router to NIC
-Router to Modem (Basically is a DOCSIS modem with a NIC on it)

Crossover Cable uses:

Router to Router (Bridge)
Switch to Switch (Cascading mode)
NIC to NIC (Direct connection....Requires the explicit definition of IP
addresses on both ends of the connection)

LAN or WAN it doesn't matter

ethernet is the spec for the link, not for where the packets are

Local Area Net
Wide Area Net

Local Area is for the network inside the router, your office machines

Wide Area is for the network outside the router (Everything past the
WAN port to your ISP and ultimately the internet)

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