Irritating graphics problem.

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Hi All

I've got a Win9SE machine (AMD Athlon 1.2GHz + nVidia geforce 2ti) and every
couple of weeks (sometimes longer, sometimes shorter) the PC will boot, go
through the DOS type stuff, enter the Windows boot screen, then, just before
the login box appears, it'll show the "It's safe to turn off now" screen.

It'll then boot into safe mode ok. The cure seems to be to go into system
settings and remove the display adapter entry. When Windows rebooots, it
finds the card and installs the driver. The system then works fine.

I've tried (over the past months) 3 different versions of the nVidia driver
and am currently running the latest.

Something's not happy, but I don't know what else to do.

Re: Irritating graphics problem.

Grumps wrote:
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    Have you tried to Defrag your HD while in Safe Mode?  From your
description of the problem it sounds like it is not seeing the driver
for the video card.  A surface check of the HD might also be wise.

    It goes without saying that there are NO exceptions to hardware located
in your Device Manager.

Re: Irritating graphics problem.

Ken wrote:
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Yep. Defragged and surface scanned.
Device manager shows no exceptions.
Thanks for your reply.

Re: Irritating graphics problem.

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AIUI, the GeForce 2 isn't as well-supported on older operating systems
with the newer drivers as it is with older drivers. You may find that
one of the older sets of drivers performs better than the newest ones.
FWIW, I'm using the 53.03 drivers for my GF2GTS on Windows 2000, with no

Not that this is necessarily the problem - it could be a different
driver issue (chipset driver, for example), a Windows issue, memory
problems/power problems... Lots of things, really. I don't recall how
well 98SE logs the boot process - it might be worth trawling through
logs or doing a step-by-step boot to see if you can isolate which step



Re: Irritating graphics problem.

CK wrote:
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Thanks. I never even thought about looking at the boot logs (if I can find
where Win98 puts them). All I can say is that it does this thing just when
it's about to change screen resolution (from DOS mode / Windows start-up,
into 1024x768).

Re: Irritating graphics problem.

On Mon, 3 Oct 2005 16:23:10 +0100, "Grumps"

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Try changing your bios agp-related settings.  Not knowing
which are available I can only advise trying more
conservative settings.

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