irDa ? What to use ?

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Hi guys,

assuming my mobo has an IRdA connection, what hardware do I need to
plug into it ? What software do I need to be able to monitor the
signal and drive software ?

I'm planning on using a video sender to drive my TV from my PC, and
want my TV remote control to be able to control the PC. A lot of
wireless video senders also relay IR signals, so as far as I can tell,
an IR sensor on the PC and software to work with it (Windows and Linux
ideally) are what I need.

Unless anyone here knows any different ?

Re: irDa ? What to use ?

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IRdA won't work with TV remotes.

Try googling for LIRC

Re: irDa ? What to use ?

Jethro wrote:
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Based on Calab's link, I found this interesting. This is an
IR remote receiver device. Apparently it has a bandpass filter
built into the path. What that does, is help reject other light
frequencies, like 60Hz fluorescent lights. This one is tuned for
38KHz bandpass, which means if the light modulation frequency is
far enough away from that frequency, the receiver will be less
sensitive to it. The output removes the carrier frequency,
and only sends the detected level to the computer (serial port
or whatever).

This article is a hobbyist design, that uses a receiver like that.
The USB part is an FTDI serial port to USB, so what the OS
sees is a USB serial port, with data coming in when the remote
sends a command.

This product claims to include a "USB IR Blaster", which presumably
is similar to that raw device, only with a USB port connected to
it, for easy customer usage.

And this kit, seems to be just the bits you might need.


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