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So i think this is a unique iPod problem:

I have a 4G ipod.  There is a disconnection between what i can browse
in the iPod screen and what is actually on the ipod's hard drive.

I went to an iPod store with a busted clickwheel, where i was told by
an iGenius that the part wasn't really replaceable, because the entire
front--screen, clickwheel, white casing--is all kind of one part, and
it's sort of the soul of the ipod.  We both sighed, and then the
iGenius said "Wait a second," and took the ipod to the back of the
store.  He came back 20 minutes later and said, "Ask no questions," and
handed me back my ipod, which had a brand new front assembly--the back,
battery, and hard drive were still mine, but the front was fresh.
Great!  All my songs were still on, but the ipod now had a new serial
number (for the OS) and everything worked fine.
   So a couple days later, i decided to do a restore, just to start
fresh and get everything back to normal, and then i loaded my songs
back onto the ipod.  When i unplugged it from my computer, and looked
on the little screen for some songs to play, it said there were none.
I plugged it back in, and all the songs were there.
   I have since done every restore i can imaging, including the
ipod-based restore (hold down menu & select, etc.).  What appears is
the problem is that the new front, with it's new iPod OS, doesn't
recognize the iPod HD, now that it has been restored.  Needless to say,
this is really frustrating, because i have a "working" ipod that is
having a fit of schizophrenia, and doesn't recognize its own


Re: ipod disconnection

On 10 May 2006 17:14:25 -0700, simonwdavis@gmail.com wrote:

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... then you are in lucky since this is a uniquely iPod
oriented newsgroup.

Re: ipod disconnection

simonwdavis@gmail.com wrote:

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"but the ipod now had a new serial number"

Do you think perhaps, your usage of the paid-for songs are
tracked by the serial number ? Serial numbers are what DRM
inventors dream about at night.

Have a look around here:
http://www.apple.com/support /

And make sure you have a backup copy of the songs, because
there are always ways to lose everything! Syncing can
be dangerous with any portable device.

Maybe the same iGenius knows more about this than we do.


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