Iomega External HDD Safety

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I recently bought an external 320GB HDD, the power switch for which is at
the back.  A few times, when reaching around the back, the back of my hand
touched another device and I received  a slight electric shock.  On
investigating I found that there was about 80V AC to earth  on the edge of
the metal case.  The HDD is connected to a Linksys NSLU2 NSA.  When this is
switched off, the voltage on the HDD drops to about 40V AC.

I found that both PSUs had this voltage on the outer connector of their
power lead.  Neither psu has a ground connection.  A replacement psu from
Iomega has the same feature.

As the HDD has no earth, but does have a metal case, what are the safety
requirements, if any, in the UK?



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