Iomega ditto 2gb tapes

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Is there any use for Iomega ditto 2gb tapes?

Re: Iomega ditto 2gb tapes

Jason Miller wrote:

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Only if you have (or you find someone that has) an Iomega ditto drive
and wants to continue using it rather than switching to more reliable
optical media.  There's still use for the old 8" and 5-1/4" floppies if
you still have the drives.  Someone that still owns an old laserdisc
player probably is looking for the old platters.

You give no indication of the real purpose for your question.  Is it
that you don't want to toss something in the trash that someone else
might find of value?  If so, see if you get any takers over at eBay.
You get 50 free listing each month (no insertion fee) so you could keep
auctioning the tapes there for months to see if anyone happens to show
up looking for those.

Re: Iomega ditto 2gb tapes

On 2/25/2012 4:56 PM, Jason Miller wrote:
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You could check with the Computer History Museum in Mountain View, CA to
see if they want some samples for their collection. Otherwise I can't see
that there would be much use for them. They were pretty unreliable when new
'state of the art' stuff IIRC. The chance that they will have improved with
age is not great.

Re: Iomega ditto 2gb tapes

John McGaw wrote:

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I had the floppy interface connected tape drive.  IIRC I could write from
windows, I may have read from windows once.  Under linux I think it mainly
wound the tape off the spools.

I probally should have salvaged the motor from the drive before I binned it
- someone may have got some good use out of it!



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