Inverter replacement for Dell E1705 Inspiron

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Does anybody know of a reasonably priced, reliable vendor for obtaining  
such a thing? I've spent a lot of time looking around for an inverter  
(for the screen) for my Dell E1705 Inspiron laptop. Almost every one I  
see being sold on eBay is from a seller who has horrible negative  
feedback which they've tried to neutralize by somehow flooding  
themselves with thousands of positive feedbacks. In all likelihood, all  
of these sellers are this company:

Phone: (510) 742-8908
Fax: (510) 868-1930
37390 Cedar Blvd, Suite C, Newark, CA 94560-4156

They seem to specialize in parting out used, broken computers and  
selling the parts as new. I had them send me one inverter and it was the  
wrong part entirely. If I'd bought from them through anybody but Amazon,  
I would most likely have never gotten my money back. In Amazon, the  
company goes by various seller names such as "Overstuffer".

At any rate, if anybody knows of a *reputable* inverter supplier, I'd  
really appreciate it if you'd tell me who they are.

John Corliss

Re: Inverter replacement for Dell E1705 Inspiron

John Corliss wrote:
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Nobody?  80)>

John Corliss

Re: Inverter replacement for Dell E1705 Inspiron

On 11/7/2013 2:45 PM, John Corliss wrote:
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I missed this post and replied to your other one. They all sell boards  
pulled from scrapped computers.

I "fronted" a few sales of CCFT drivers for someone in Hong Kong and he  
went through two of them on one notebook. The other stayed fixed. They  
were the right part though. Of course how long will a used high voltage  
part last?

These were ebay purchases. I only have email on this computer from the  
last 6 years and I can't locate the vendor. Well they were in Texas if  
that helps, but as people from Texas will tell you, it is a big state.  
In fact, you can't shut them up about Texas talk.

I only know the business line of Dell (Latitude), but if they have the  
same level of documentation on the Inspiron, you should be able to get  
decent factory documentation on the part and in theory the vendor should  
be able to get you the proper item. In practice, these recyclers have a  
marginal business and don't want to invest the time to get you the right  
part. Then add in the fact that they are generally ESL. Nothing wrong  
with that, but the odds of getting the order correct are reduced  
somewhat with the language barrier.

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