Intermittent system freeze

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I have PC running Win XP-Pro, Abit VP-6 mobo, ATI AIW 9600, twin Intel P3
733MHZ processors, 1GB mem, booting off AHA-2940U2B using Seagate 36GB LVD
drives. My system hangs/freezes at least once a day, sometimes more. Once
it does the only thing I can do is hit the reset or power buttons.

I bought Smith Micro CheckIT and ran some tests. My PC hangs each time I
run the Graphics test. All other tests run fine. I have the lates BIOS from
Abit, latest drivers from ATI, pretty much everything is up to date. I have
more or less eliminated the OS as a suspect, but never say never right?

Dr. Watson and Event Viewer show nothing. Recently had capcitors replaced,
but problem was happening prior to that which was why I had it done in the
first place.

PSU is TruePower 430watt, less than a year old.

Anyone have any ideas? Anything I can run to see what is causing the
freeze? I'm stumped.



Re: Intermittent system freeze

On Sat, 07 May 2005 19:10:54 +0000, DaveO wrote:

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looks like you found the problem:  graphics

you might want to reduce your video acceleration...
or uninstall your card and install some *older* drivers.
(especially if your problem has occurred since your last video driver

as a last resort...replace the video card entirely with a different type

Re: Intermittent system freeze

On Sat, 07 May 2005 19:10:54 GMT If I have seen farther it is because
wrote :

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Try another bench mark program?
It could be the program itself :/

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Re: Intermittent system freeze

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    Your CheckIT seems to indicate a problem with the graphics card. If it
has a cooling fan, check it is running OK. Feel heatsink on vidio card and
CPU. Run a memory diagnostic on main memory. If you have more than 1 memory
module, try removing 1 at a time.

Re: Intermittent system freeze

I'm betting the ATI 9600. You probably have FAST
WRITES turned on. That is what is hanging you in
the graphics test. In the ATI video settings ( I'm
assuming you are using at least Catalyst 4.8 driver )
look under SMARTGART, and turn FW off, and
also make sure that AGP is set to 4x.  Reboot twice !!
FW has a habit of wanting to retest, and may reset.
Reboot until it holds, and AGP 4x holds. Then run
your graphics test. Check that your BIOS does not
have FW on too ... most BIOSs don't even show it,
but some do.


Re: Intermittent system freeze

direct x version?

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Re: Intermittent system freeze

DaveO wrote:
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  Sounds like a heat problem. Try removing the side of the case and see
if it still locks up. If it doesn't, then you need to take care of the
heat problem.


Re: Intermittent system freeze

When your computer freezes does it freez in a particular application?

check power options vs screen saver

I think ati card may have a problem with your mb,
I dont mean the bios, dload from mb site all latest video related

It could also be

back up all needed files and restore os, or to know for sure wipe out
reformat and (i know you don't want to do this)restore software.Back up
files of course.

Check to see if cpu fan is operating allright.
or chassis fan if you have one.

Remamber those diags are not really that good.

Also if you have another video card to use, try that, that will eliminate
the VCard if the problem persists.

Know that a intermittent freezing problem is one of the hardest things to

Re: Intermittent system freeze


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You can install a utility to monitor the temperature of the CPU and
MB. I use MotherBoard Monitor from:

Your BIOS should have a monitor built in that you can set for an

I keep the case open and use a small fan to blow air onto the MB. If
you do this you will have to clean the MB with dry compressed air

The next machine I build will have enough fans so I can close it - one
front, one back and one side.


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