Interesting wireless router issue

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I use a 'Wanadoo livebox' which is effectively a wireless router and adsl
modem combined. It has been working fine for sometime. I use a DWL-610 card
in my notebook to access it, I don't use Wanadoo or Dlink software, just the
Dlink driver and built in XP software.

Yesterday a friend visiting wanted to access the internet. His notebook had
no ethernet adapter or built in wireless, so I took the card from my
notebook and put it into his and installed the driver. We got 'connected to
the wireless network' but no internet connection. I could not ping the

When I put the card back into my machine it was the same. 'Connected' to the
wireless network but no internet connection. I could not ping the router. No
settings on my computer or the router had been changed. I rebooted into
Linux and had the same problem there.

After trying lots of things (including getting connections to the router via
the card and a second wireless router) I fixed it by resetting the livebox
to factory settings and redoing the setup.

My question is does anyone know what is going on here. Why would moving the
card to another machine and back without changing any settings on the
original machine or the router cause it to be 'locked out'? It is clearly
the router that was causing the problem, and the issue was somehow 'recorded
in the firmware' as it persisted over several reboots (and being off
overnight). Any ideas?

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