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Hi everyone, I'm thinking about buyin new comp, with this Intel processor,
does anyone have some expirience with this, any suggestions, critics..etc..?

++ Intel® Pentium D 915, 2.8 GHz, LLGA, Socket 775, 800 MHz FSB, dual core,
2x2MB, Intel EM64T, box ++

I was also thinking about buying this MBO: DG965RYCK "Rogers City", same
question, any feedback?

Many thanx!

Re: Intel® Pentium D 915

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Maybe spend another $50 and get a Core 2 Duo.


Re: Intel® Pentium D 915

On Wed, 4 Oct 2006 10:08:55 +0200, "Jim Morrison"

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I dont know how much the above is going for you are looking at but the
cheapest core duo which is the hot CPU to get is around $185 or so.

the board you get depends on what level you want get. I think the
cheapest decent boards are the Gigabyte 965 S3 $118 or so and the DS3
which is very similar in specs for $140 or so.  The S3 is the one I
want to get when it gets even cheaper.

However Im going to go for an EL CHEAPO board which many are getting
for now. The two mentioned are an Asrock for $40-50. Limited OCing
capability and kind of a weird chipset but I think it uses a lot of
older stuff - DDR and AGP if I recall correctly so its easy to carry
over some older components to save even more. I wouldnt BUY DDR and an
AGP card though. If you dont have these buy something else instead.
AGP seems to be disappearing fast and DDR seems to be finally getting
phased out now too. You can find it but Im seeing more and more DDR2
sales vs DDR sales.

One of the cheapest deals --- FRYs e6300 + ECS cheapo.
Yes its ECS which tons of people are buying in OUTPOST/FRYs combos.
You essentially get the MB for free. Usually you get an OEM CPU so
there is an added cost for a fan. However some people have claimed a
recent sale this week includes a retail CPU.  Ive posted no one has
been a bigger basher than me in regards to ECS --- because they used
to be or bought out PC CHIPs. PC CHIPS was a notorious MB maker that
seemed to operate under a zillion names like Jetway etc and put out
MBs cheaper than anyone else around the world. Pure junk. And they
were sleazy. They were part of the fake cache scandal. They put blobs
of plastic on their MBs when cache used to be on the MBs. People
testing it found out that it wasnt cache at all but blobs of plastic.
Right now theres tons of people who have been buying the combos and
ECS boards and claim they are OK and others who bash it relentlessly.

Theres no doubt they are cheapo boards. They sell them usually below
most MBs and FRYs virtually gives them away. However I did end up
getting several combos and havent had problems with them. The 754
sempron combos.  Would I buy an ECS board if it wasnt free in a combo?
Nope. But theyve been OK so far in these combo deals. So Id like to
get an e6300 combo with a FREE ECS MB and use it until I get around to
buying the Gigabyte.

If you dont get the core duo try to get a motherboard that can be
upgraded to it so you dont have to buy another one later if you do
decided to get a conroe chip. Theyve been mentioning an even cheaper
one an e4300 which is supposed to come out in a few months or so maybe
Q4 or next year.

Info at a website on the e4300


It's FSB speed, not cache size, that separates the Conroe E6000 series
from E4xxx models. Current Conroes have either 2MB of L2 or 4MB, but
all run over a 1066MHz FSB. The upcoming E4300 supports only an 800MHz
FSB clock. It also has 2MB of L2 and is clocked at 1.8GHz, just below
the bottom-of-the-range E6300's 1.86GHz. The E4300 has no
Virtualisation Technology support.

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