Intel D850EMV2/D850EMVR parity cannot be reset

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For future googlers.
Intel D850EMV2/D850EMVR parity cannot be reset.  2 beeps during post.
The suggested action is almost universally "reseat memory".
You will not be able to enter the CMOS screens.
On a new  D850EMVR I cleared this error by setting the J9H2 jumper
to "configuration mode."   Then it "automatically" set the CMOS to
work with the memory (1066), and I reset the jumper to "normal."
You can find the jumper diagram here:
This apparently is the Intel version of "clear CMOS", but also has a
jumper "recovery" setting for BIOS recovery from a floppy.
From googling "parity cannot be reset" it appears these Intel Rambus
memory motherboards are also used in some Dells, and googling
shows this is not a new "problem" with Dells using an Intel Rambus MB.
The documentation I got with the MB was lousy, and the Intel
website docs aren't much better when it comes to resolving the error.
The inclination - especially with a new MB and old memory - is to
believe the problem is caused by a bad memory module, and since Rambus
requires continuity RIMMS in any empty memory socket, trouble shooting
is difficult.
I have never had to reset CMOS on any of the perhaps 10 or
so non-Intel MB's I've owned, even when one of multiple memory modules
These Intel boards (AMI BIOS) apparently use the CMOS memory settings
to do a checksum on the installed memory during POST, and if there is
a discrepancy, return - among possible other errors - the "parity
cannot be reset" error, then stop dead.  You will only hear beeps,
and most likely advised to "reseat or replace memory."
Googling showed that some did that to no avail, but some expense.
This problem may also occur if the CMOS settings are lost due to a
dead battery.  Don't really know for sure.


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