Intel D845HV Memory Errors

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I have an Intel D845HV motherboard that I'm trying to upgrade to 1GB or
bettery memory.  It has three slots that take PC133, so I bought a pair
of low-density (16 chips) Non-ECC 512MB PC133 RAM off of eBay.

Putting just one, either one, of the modules in will produce no error
with several passes of Memtest86+.  If I put both modules, thousands of
errors will be produced almost immediately.  I've tried all combinations
of the two chips in the three slots.

The D845HV manual has bupkiss to say about the placement off the RAM in
the slots, and, as far as I can tell, I'm conforming to the requirements
about the modules themselves.

There errors seem consistent generated, so I'm disinclined to think it's
a power or heat issue.  Any ideas as to what might be going on?

Re: Intel D845HV Memory Errors

On 2/12/2011 2:18 PM, Grinder wrote:
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I would still like to put both 512MB modules into this machine, but I've
discovered that this configuration seems to be stable:

1 x 512MB (16 chip) PC-133 Module
1 x 256MB (8 chip) PC-133 Module
1 x 128MB (4 chip) PC-133 Module

Re: Intel D845HV Memory Errors

Grinder wrote:
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I've heard the opinion expressed, that on older systems it sometimes helps to
put the "big" module closest to the processor. (Might be referred to as
slot 1, and closest to Northbridge. The Northbridge is what drives the bus
on an old system like that.)

With regard to the request to run 2x512, I'd try slot 1 and slot 3.
The premise there, is it might give a smoother bus impedance from
end to end on the bus, and have less of a reflection than if the
DIMMs were next to one another.

If the memory has errors at the same location each time, that is a RAM
chip problem, rather than a bus noise problem. Transient faults can be
bus noise. Static faults could be bad RAM. The RAM could be bad,
because the chips are PC100 running at PC133. Or the CAS could be
set wrong etc. (Verify SPD contents versus BIOS settings, using CPU-Z
and check the datasheet for the memory chips.) Or, whatever regulates
Vdimm is faulty or is set too low. With those old memories, I expect
the 3.3V was plenty to get the job done.

It's funny that your 512+256+128 is stable, when an individual 512MB
is not. If the 512 has static errors, the bad memory locations should
still be bad. Something doesn't add up there. If the 512 had transient
faults, you could claim the change in bus impedance with the three DIMMs,
had something to do with it. But the combined symptoms, to me at least,
don't add up. If the 512 has bad memory locations, they should still be
bad when you test with the 256 and 128 present.


Re: Intel D845HV Memory Errors

On 2/12/2011 8:44 PM, Paul wrote:
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I should clarify that a single 512 is stable.  I'm only seeing errors
when I have both 512s in.  I've tried all slot configurations with the
same results.

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It's baffling to me as well that the errors appear systemic.

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